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Foam Tiles – Creative options for picky youngsters

The choice to pick foam tiles for your home playroom is a ‘no-brainer’.  It has proven to be a safer environment than concrete, wood, title or carpet.  Another plus is that foam tiles or mats are budget friendly.  Easy installation that can be done by anyone makes picking foam tiles the only flooring option.  Foam flooring is also durable and dependable that can support many ‘play dates’.  Yet one of the biggest reasons to choose foam tiles for playrooms is that the decision of what foam tile design, pattern, or color to pick can be shared.

The best thing about picking foam tiles for playroom flooring is allowing your inner child along with your actual child, a voice.  The options available to choose from can be as simple as a favorite color or as complex as a world map.  Foamtiles.com carries a vast assortment of foam flooring and matting options that work great for kids.  The list includes:

Foam Alphabet Mat

Foam World Map Kit

Hop Around Tic Tac Toe Mat

ABC-123 Mat (available in medium and large sizes)

Soft Shape tiles

SoftTouch Tiles

½” Eco-Soft Tiles

5/8” Reversible Soft tiles

Reversible Black/Grey tiles

Reversible Red/Royal Blue tiles

Light Oak wood tiles

Dark Oak wood tiles

And more….

Picking what foam tile to choose should be a fun and creative process.  There are many options available in many different shapes, sizes, colors and designs.  The varieties are from bright primary colors to laminate that looks like wood along with puzzle and alphabet mats.  Some have numbers and letters of the alphabet on each panel and are available in foam puzzle mats which create and allow for imagination creation, all available to make the playroom an exciting room to spend a day in.  Visit Foamtiles.com or Rubberflooringinc.com today to get started.

  1. JMM
    August 24, 2011 at 9:33 pm

    Cool! Good thinking.

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